Who Is Joffe Emergency Services?

We are safety experts and educators, but most importantly, we are partners in protecting schools and communities. We have been working with independent schools across the country since 2007. We founded- and have grounded- our safety work in schools because we believe they are the most important places we can possibly protect. Fifteen years later, we've worked with thousands of schools to help protect millions of lives.

  • We help schools and school systems strengthen their health, safety, and security practices, so they're confident in their approach and coordinated in their response.

  • Our school program options are designed to help schools implement best practices and create strong, resilient systems that allow schools and students to thrive.

  • Our goal is to save lives and prevent emergencies through highly skilled response training that builds trust, demonstrates respect, and empowers learners to apply life-saving techniques to any individual in need, under any circumstances.

Our History with KIPP

In 2014, Joffe Emergency Services first partnered with KIPP SoCal and we have supported the KIPP Foundation in a consultative capacity since 2016. Chris has visited almost all regions and the Joffe team has visited at least 160 KIPP schools. In times of crisis, not only has Joffe Emergency Services responded, but Chris also personally responded on-site. Joffe currently has health coordinators, security directors, and emergency management partnerships across the KIPP regions. The partnership between Joffe Emergency Services and KIPP: Public Schools continues to grow as the safety of the KIPP faculty and students is the number one priority of this alliance.